› Standard Control Cables have Stainless Steel or Brass Fittings depending upon the type of cable

› Standard Control Cables use high performance lubricated Coated Inner for smoothest operation

› Standard Control Cables have Minimum Bend Radius of 6”

› Standard Control Cables have black outer jacket for effective durability and offer great resistance to UV, Petrol, Fluids & other chemicals


Engine Control Cables EEC-133C-XX (XX is length of cable in feet) are used for Shift and Throttle application. Different designs of Engine Control Cables are used depending on the engine type and installation.
Multiflex offers a wide variety of Engine Control Cables for different applications. Engineered out of corrosion resistant materials and components these control cables meet or exceed all industry standards.
Multiflex Engine Control Cables are interchangeable with most common SeaStar Solutions®, Morse®, Ultraflex® Engine Control Cables.

Refer to the Cross reference Chart for interchangeability.

Applicable for engines Force®/Selva®/Yamaha®/Suzuki®/Tohatsu®/Honda®/Nissan®

Travel : 90 mm | Conduit: 8.4 mm (Commercial) | Inner: 2.7 mm (Coated Inner) | End Thread: 10-32 UNF